Install Vista and Windows 7 using bootable USB storage device

Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be installed via a bootable USB drive as well. And the installation would be much easier and faster than installation via DVD. Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2 also can be installed via USB drive except installation of Windows 7 & Windows Vista .Initially Windows Vista/7 DVD or installation source (setup backup files stored on local hard disk) & a 4GB USB 2.0 Storage device would be required. You can follow the steps to install Windows Vista/7 from USB Drive.

1. Plug your USB storage device and run CMD and execute the following commands one after another.
o  Diskpart 
Run Disk partition utility 
o  List disk 
To get disk index that is used to perform disk partitioning. 
o  Select disk 1 
Selects disk to perform disk partitioning. 
o  Clean 
Flush your existing all USB drive’s partitions. 
o  Create partition primary 
Creates a partition as primary partition. 
o  Format recommended 
Format your USB drive with recommended parameters. (No need to worry about file system format) 
o  Active 
Set the partition as active to hold bootmgr. 
o  Exit 
To quit Diskpart utility 
2. After executing the above commands simply copy all Windows Vista/7 files from DVD/Backup storage to USB storage device. 
3. Change boot settings from BIOS and set it to boot with your USB drive, you can install Windows Vista/7 via bootable USB storage device. That is it.
Note: For boot problems try Fixing your USB Storage drive with the command  I:\Boot\Bootsect.exe /NT60 I: where I: is the drive letter of USB storage device

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