Set Ctrl+Alt+Del Options in Windows 7

Ctrl+Alt+Del have been one of the rescue Key combos since the Windows Evaluation. And during succession of Windows it has changed the offers and functionality it provides to user.
In Windows 7 Ctrl+Alt+Del combo gives the following option 
  Change Password
  Lock Computer
  Task Manager
  Start task Manager

However restrictions can be made on the above features using Group Policy Editor Setting. This setting may 
  Prevent users from locking the system
  Prevent users from changing their Windows password on the
Windows Security dialog box (which appears when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del). 
  Prevent users from starting Task Manager
  This setting disables or removes all menu items and buttons that log the user off the system. 
Steps to disable any of the features: 
  Open Run Dialogue Box (Win + R) and type gpedit.msc
  Navigate to Local Computer policy > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System in left hand side pane. 
  Select Ctrl+Alt+Del Options setting 
  Select any of the setting you want to enable from right side pane. (Enabling a setting means disabling the feature)
  Open it and enable it. 
  Press OK 
A Reboot is required for the above setting to take place.

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