Android Keyboard Shortcuts

Browser Shortcuts

Zoom in Menu + I
Zoom out Menu + O
Find on page Menu + F
View browsing history Menu + H
Open bookmarks Menu + B
Open browser settings Menu + S
Go back a page Menu + J
Go forward a page Menu + K
Reload current page Menu + R
Open Windows menu Menu + W
Go to home page Menu + Enter
Page down Spacebar
Page up Shift + Spacebar

Text Input Shortcuts
Copy text Menu + C
Paste text Menu + V
Undo Menu + Z
Delete character to the left Del
Delete character to the right Shift + Del
Delete an entire line Alt + Del
Activate Caps Lock Shift + Shift (double press). Press once more to turn it off.
Move cursor to beginning of line Alt + Trackball Left
Move cursor to end of line Alt + Trackball Right
Move cursor to top of page Alt + Trackball Up
Move cursor to bottom of page Alt + Trackball Down
Highlight text for copying or cutting Shift + Trackball Left/Right/Up/Down
Select all text in the current field Menu + A

Application Shortcuts
Open Google Maps Search + M
Open Text Messaging Search + S
Open Gmail Search + G
Open Email Search + E
Open Contacts Search + C
Open Browser Search + B
Open Calendar Search + I
Open Music Search + P
Open YouTube Search + Y
You can customize these shortcuts and add your own from Settings > Applications > Quick launch.

Gmail Shortcuts
Reply (works only when the message is opened) R
Forward (works only when the message is opened) F
Reply-all (works only when the message is opened) A
Archive message Y
Compose new email Menu + C
Refresh Inbox Menu + U
Open email (from the main Inbox) Enter
Jump to top of Inbox Alt + Trackball Up
Jump to bottom of Inbox Alt + Trackball Down

Google Maps Shortcuts
Select map mode Menu + M
Directions Menu + D
My Location Menu + 0
Settings Menu + P
History Menu + H
Zoom in Menu + I
Zoom out Menu + O

Scrolling Shortcuts
Page down Spacebar
Page up Shift + Spacebar
Jump to end of list Alt + Trackball Down
Jump to top of list Alt + Trackball Up

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