Application Defrag in Windows XP

Application and Boot file Defrag
This type of defrag pushes all commonly used programs and boot files to the edge of the hard drive for faster access. Windows XP normally schedules this every three days when it is idle, however you can force it to do this by using the b switch anytime
i.e defrag c: -b
Partially correct. The "partial defrag" that the defrag -b performs takes the boot/system files indicated in \prefetch\layout.ini and moves them to the first largest piece of free space where they will fit - regardless of where on the partition the this piece of free space is. If the space is at the beginning of the partition, it will put them there. If the free space is at the end of the partition, it will move them there. Usually, the beginning of the partition does NOT have a large enough piece of contiguous free space - this process will NOT clear out free space in order to place the files. 

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