Backup Android Apps with Astro in Android phone

Astro File manager is another useful app for your Android device. It is something like Total Commander for Windows or Midnight Commander for Linux. This great freeware file manager has a backup functionality too. It is able to backup your application to the SD card.
Click the Menu button on your HTC Hero device (or something similar on another phones), select Tools and tap the Application manager/Backup option. The Astro will load the application list. Select one, more or all of the applications and click the Backup button. Your software will be copied to the SD card.
Launch Astro

 Select all/some of your apps you want backup
Click "Backup" and wait for it to finish

Your apps now show as "Backed Up"... when complete

The application is especially useful when you find yourself running short of space on your main memory and want to uninstall some applications temporarily to test them out.  It is also useful when you are looking to format your phone for a clean start and do not want to scan through the market to restore your earlier installed applications.

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