Changing CD Staging Area Folder Location in windows xp

If you have a slave drive that you would rather be fragmented by multiple CD ripping, might I suggest moving your temporary CD staging folder to the slave drive? Please note that this is a WEE bit of a security concern, since you are moving your personal files into the open & out of the protection of your personal folders... BUT, if you are like me and you have only yourself on your system, and don’t care well then LETS do it!!
Go to this folder :
(your root folder)\Documents and Settings\(your username)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\
Here you SHOULD have a folder called CD Burning - This is your temporary folder for CD burning.
In windows explorer - move this folder (Using cut & paste) to another local drive. I don’t recommend moving this folder to a removable or network drive unless you are VERY confident in its connection reliability.
You may also want to start up regedit and go to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\CD Burning and change the value of CD Burning to your new folder location.
You can reboot if you want, I don’t think you need to....
Now, you SHOULD not notice any difference, other than that you are not scratching you your system drive to burn data CD's

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