Faster Boot-Up without tons of Fonts

Many of the files that load during the boot-up process are fonts.  You probably only use a handful of them.  I suggest moving some you never use into another folder.  You won't be able to access the fonts in Word or Notepad.
1.  Create a New Folder by right clicking on desktop.  New>Folder
2.  Open "Fonts" in Control Panel.  Switch to Classic View to find them easier. 
3.  Highlight a group of fonts you never use and move them to the other folder. Repeat if you have tons of fonts. 
4.  Put the folder into My Documents for easy access. 
5.  Reboot and see if it starts any faster for you.  If not, just copy the fonts back to the original font folder. 
Another Method:
Create a new directory called 'font backup' or something similar on your c: drive.
Go to 'start\control panel\fonts' and select all fonts (for now, we will be more selective later). Drag and drop all the fonts into the backup folder you just created. Things will get garbled for a moment, never fear. Windows XP will automatically re-install the base fonts that it needs to display text into the font’s folder in a second or two. 
Now you have the bare minimum of fonts installed. Go through the backup folder and cherry pick the fonts that you are sure to use (like Times New Roman or Arial).
If you removed a large volume of fonts, your system should now boot faster.

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