Free Up Space on the Internal Storage in Android phone

I guess we’ve all gotten the dreaded phone storage is getting low notification on our Android devices at one point or the other, since Android doesn’t allow installation of applications to the memory card. Luckily, official Apps2SD support is “coming soon” (perhaps in Android 2.2 Froyo?), but being able to free up a couple of MB on the internal storage can still come in handy. This can be achieved by clearing the cache that some applications use.

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications on your device.
  • Press the Menu button and select the Sort by size option.
  • If you see an application somewhere at the top of this list that you do not use, you can of course uninstall it by tapping on it and pressing the Uninstall button. But what we are looking for are apps that may have a large cache.
  • To check if an application has a cache, select it in the list and it will be stated on the resulting screen. To clear the cache, simply press the Clear cache button.
  • Some apps that may have a large cache are Maps, Market, Internet and Photos.

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