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Apple’s DRM technology used throughout the iTunes store for music and now applications as well. Fairplay allows you to register up to 5 computers and unlimited iPods/iPhones synced to those computers. So… it should be easy for my wife and I to share iPhone apps with each other as long as both our iTunes are authorized to use them. All we need to do is authorize both accounts in both computers and re-download the apps. This could work in Windows, but why would I right?

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to do it.

I have 2 Macs, 2 iPhones, 2 iTunes accounts.
I used one account to buy a game, and another account to buy another one. The goal is to have both games playable on both phones legally with no hacks.
Have each computer be authorized for both accounts. Re-download apps on 2nd computer with 1st computer iTunes account.
Step 1: Authorize Computers
I step into my friend’s mac, launch iTunes, log out of her iTunes Store account and log in with mine.
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 Still inside iTunes,  I go to the app store and click the Buy App button on the application I had bought in my computer.
 iTunes knows I already paid for this and just let’s be re-download it without charging me again.
 The app then begins to download.
 Once the download is complete, it now shows in the Applications section of iTunes.
 I can now log out of my iTunes Store account and log my friend's back in.

Step 3: Sync & Play
I can plug my friend 's phone in now and sync.

 The app should transfer without any fuss.
 Once synced, it shows on my friend's phone ready for playing.
 And now I and my friend can take over our phones and drain those batteries out.


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