Turn off HTC Sense in Android phone

Some people prefer the standard Android homescreen and have no use for all the fancy widgets and additional screens, or they want to save some RAM or simply enjoy being able to switch between the two. Here’s how you disable HTC Sense in favour of the Vanilla Android

  • Press the Menu button and tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and select the Applications category.
  • Press Manage applications. If you have a lot of apps installed, it will probably take a while for the list to load. Be patient.
  • Locate TouchFLO in the list and select it. This will bring up the Application info screen.
  • Tap on the Clear defaults button.
  • Now press the hardware Home button, and you should be asked how to complete the action. Select “Use by default for this action” at the bottom of the pop-up box, and then tap on Home.
  • That’s it! From now on, each time you press the Home button you’ll go to the standard Android homescreen.
  • If you want to go back to HTC Sense later on, follow the same steps as above but select Home in the list of applications instead of Touchflo.
  • Since Home isn’t running concurrently with Sense on recent HTC devices powered by Android 2.1 or higher, the method described above won’t work.
  • You can still get a homescreen and launcher experience that is similar to the vanilla Android, by installing the excellent LauncherPro. It currently has an impressive 4.71 / 5 rating at the Market based on 4600 votes. Other options are HelixLauncher or HelixLauncher 2.

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