Astrid - Android's simple task, to-do manager

Astrid is a simple to-do manager into which you simply start typing, add context if you want to, then save. You can create advanced filters in Astrid. Astrid is an extremely tenacious beast that won't stop reminding, beeping, and buzzing you until certain very important tasks are done.

Publisher's description
One of the most missed aspects of Astrid version 2 was the way sorting and filtering worked. It was really simple to sort by Due Date or Task Title if you didn’t like Astrid’s automatic sorting magic. You could also include/exclude completed tasks from the list you were currently viewing. While the filters feature in the first release of Astrid 3 had great potential, it wasn’t a replacement for this sorting menu and, frankly, most of the potential of the filters were unrealized. This left many of us frustrated that we couldn’t do what before was so simple — some of you cried foul while others quickly ‘downgraded’ to Astrid 2 to get back the Astrid you knew and loved.

In Astrid 3.2, released today, we have started to unlock the power of filters in a way that we think will even make converts of some of you Astrid 2 diehards. Let me show you a few screenshots of Astrid 3.2 so you can see what we love about it.


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