Ringdroid for Android 2.2 - free ringtone app creates tones, alarms, and notifications from MP3, WAV,AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMR files

Open an existing audio file, View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at 5 zoom levels, Set starting and ending points for a clip within the audio file, using an optional touch interface, Play the selected portion of the audio, including an indicator cursor and autoscrolling of the waveform, Play anywhere else by tapping the screen. Save the clipped audio as a new audio file and mark it as Music, Ringtone, Alarm, or Notification. Record a new audio clip to edit, Delete audio (with confirmation alert). Supports AAC(iTunes music files), lets you assign ringtones directly to a contact, and includes more descriptive error messages when something goes wrong. It's possible to delete sounds from within Ringdroid by long-pressing on a sound in the main list view.

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