Download Firefox 4 Beta for Android

Firefox 4 Beta 2 for Android became available earlier today, and it promises to bring many improvements over the initial beta. First off, it will use up a lot less space -- a precious commodity for almost all Android smartphones. The second beta should occupy about 17 MB once installed, compared to the first version's whopping 43 MB (which is almost a third of the entire app space most Android devices have). However, if you've been using the initial beta, you'll have to uninstall that prior to installing the new version to see the space savings in action (due to some 'technical limitation').
Also in this version are a new theme, support for sharing links from the Site Menu, and the ability to undo closing a tab. Panning and zooming are now faster, and page load times have been reduced. Mozilla claims that on Android 2.2, Firefox 4 Beta 2 is 25% faster than the stock browser in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark.

A Feedback button has been added to the Browser Controls panel that allows you to quickly voice your opinion on the browser, and crash reporting has been made a lot easier to use.

The next release will bring even more performance and usability improvements, alongside support for hardware acceleration and HTML5 video.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 2 for Android

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