How to setup Hotspot Shield on your iPhone

Please use the following instructions to setup Hotspot Shield on your iPhone. In just four easy steps, your connection will be secured.
Make sure that Wi-Fi is marked "OFF" in
Settings -> Wi-Fi
Then find the VPN settings in
Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN -> Add VPN Configuration:

  • Select the IPSec tab/pane
  • Description: HotspotShield
  • Server:
  • Account:  Get Account here
  • Password:  Get Password here
  • Use Certificate: OFF
  • Group Name: hss
  • Secret: hss 

You are now done. Save the settings and hit the "HOME" button to quit. Make sure to turn Wi-Fi back "ON".
To activate Hotspot Shield on your iPhone, the VPN setting needs to be turned on. From "HOME" menu, go to Settings and click the "On" tab for VPN. Your Status will change to "CONNECTED" and the VPN icon will appear on top in the iPhone Tray when complete. If you cannot connect to the VPN immediately, power down your iPhone, turn it back on, and turn the VPN to "ON".

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