Open home -change the functionality and appearance of the Android

Android is completely open-source, which means that apps can change the functionality and appearance of the OS, if you permit them to. This isn’t always good for safety, but it’s great for customization.
OpenHome is one of the leading customization apps available on the Market. It functions as a replacement for the default home screen, into which you can load customs skins, icon packs, and fonts — many of which are freely available in the Market and created by other users.
In addition to the look and feel of your OS, OpenHome also allows for other custom tweaks including soft keyboard improvements and widget modifications.
Allow users to set the default fonts to any home screen widgets. Please note that only default fonts are changed because some widgets have custom fonts and we don’t want to give override them. (menu/more/font & color/Widget font)

- Performance enhancements from android 2.1, now home screen scrolling is much smoother, force close issues are gone for Motorola Droid and HTC Nexus One
- More home screen animations and effects, including an experimental 3D cube transition effect  (menu/more/Open home setting/3D cube)
- Live Wallpaper is now supported on Nexus One
- Home Chooser’s default setting check box now works as it should  (menu/more/home chooser)

Home page : Open home

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