Parallel Kingdom - Age of Thrones

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Parallel Kingdom
shows you a parallel universe that exists all around you. Only now do we have the technology to actually see it. You will play the game on a Google Map at your actual location. Using simple, Zelda-style graphics, Parallel Kingdom shows the creatures lurking in your backyard and the mythical beasts that you pass everyday on your way to work. Play alongside others that have discovered this portal to another dimension. Chat and strategize in real time how best to conquer and claim this strange world.  **** Game Features **** -
Uses GPS to place you in the game world at your real life location - Hunt creatures and other players - Claim land and grow your kingdom by building flags and houses - Chat live with other players - Easily visit other players around the world - Trade resources, items, and gold - Hunt with others to gain bonuses - Plant and harvest trees - Mine and gather resources like stone and iron - Craft special items - Learn 11 skills with 30 unique abilities - Multiplayer, MMORPG

**** Reviews **** "The game has a lot of depth, as players can explore, collect items, even claim territory and found cities..." (4 out of 5 Stars) " can coerce your friends to pick the app up and play along side of them and take on the Parallel Kingdom together. It’s definitely worth checking out, whether you’re a RPG nut or not, merely because the game is so unique. And its FREE, so give it a try." "Honestly, this is one of the most in-depth apps on the Market. One of the pioneers in augmented reality, PerBlue has managed to really hit a home run with this app.

Homepage: Parallel Kingdom - Age of Thrones
Price: Free
Cheat Codes:
1000 Gold:
While in the game, go to Menu -> Profile -> red arrow (top-right corner of screen) and then Update Status. Can only be used once. 
Code Effect
aemdt - 1000 Gold
gtfae - +1000gold after finishing turorial

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