Phone Halo Protect - Find your lost android phone


Have you ever lost your Phone?  Phone Halo keeps users phone and valuables safe from misplacement and loss.  The Phone Halo system consists of an application and a Bluetooth device that attaches to one’s valuables.  The system has 3 key features.

  1. Protect:  .Phone Halo tracks your valuables using your phone and will alert you whenever you are about to leave your phone or other items behind.  This feature can be easily silenced and customized.
  2. Locate:  Ever can’t find your keys before work?  Phone Halo can help you find your phone or belongings by causing the item to ring.
  3. Recover:  Phone Halo automatically takes steps to help you recover misplaced and lost items by e-mailing and texting you the GPS coordinates of where the item was lost. Phone Halo can also share this information with your friends, family, and social networks to get help in recovering your stuff. 
Homepage : Phone Halo Protect
Price: Free

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