Download Magic Shutter - Exposure shooting on the iPhone

Magic Shutter is the epoch-making creative iPhone camera. It can let you easily use your iPhone take long exposureand repeated exposure photos. And can be taken at the same time viewing. After shooting immediately through the Internet share your creations with your friends and family . Around your light into your brush, Magic Shutter is a great tool for your creative.

* Why you should buy Magic Shutter?
1. Magic instant preview feature that allows you to master the best long exposure time.
3. Smart Exposure function magic can avoid over-exposure.
4. Flash synchronization can freeze shooting objects, mixed to produce amazing results.
5. Photo sharing feature allows you to share your ideas at any time.

* Software features:
1. Support the camera locks exposure and focus, the photo shoot accurately.
2. Support unlimited to slow shutter exposure time, so that iPhone has become a professional camera.
3. Support repeated exposure function can be presented in a multiple shooting photos.
4. Support film preview, can directly watch when the shooting for the results of the current exposure.
5. Support flash sync features, can freeze shooting objects at the perfect time.
6. Support for fine exposure compensation, exposure control can be arbitrary.
7. Support smart exposure, Avoid over exposure.
8. Support 4 shooting mode, 3 flash synchronization options, can be mixed out of 10 shooting method.
9. Support iPhone 4 of the retina display.
10. Support six languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German).
11. Support store photos, email, facebook and other methods to share with your friends.


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