How to Use Your iPhone or iPod Touch as DSLR Camera Remote

Apple is really breaking barriers with iPhone and iPod Touch with thousands of applications and endless possibilities. The onOne created the DSLR Camera Remote app that allows you to control your Canon EOS or Nikon DSLR remotely through your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  1. Download the DSLR Camera Remote Pro or   DSLR Camera Remote Lite app from iTunes store or directly from onOne website. There are currently two versions that you can download, the Pro version and the Lite version. The Lite version only controls 5 basic functions while the Pro allows you to control 16 different settings. Either way, you need to download the server software for your computer and the client software for the iPhone or iPod Touch.
  2. After downloading the apps, install the server app to your computer and the client app to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It's a pretty straight forward installation.
  3. Turn your DSLR camera ON and connect it to your computer using the USB or Firewire cable depending on the camera that you have. The computer has to be Wi-Fi enabled so you can network with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Make sure that you turn ON the Wi-Fi on your computer.
  4. Start the DSLR Camera Remote software on your computer. You can change the location of the folder where the images are saved.
  5. On your iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure that you are connected to the same network as the computer. You can check this by going to the "Settings".
  6. DSLR Camera Remote App
    Start the DSLR Camera Remote app on your iPhone or iPod Touch by clicking on its icon. Click on the "My Server" to get started.
  7. At the bottom of the screen you will see a control panel similar to the LCD screen of your DSLR. Use it to adjust the settings in a similar manner you adjust your actual DSLR. At the top of the screen is the preview as you take the photos.
  8. When you are ready to take the shot, just press "Fire". That's it!

    The DSLR Camera Remote for iPhone or iPod Touch is a great app especially for professional photographer with their own studio. Not only does it allows your iPhone or iPod Touch to function as a cable release, but it controls several other settings remotely and it's relatively inexpensive.
 Source : Ehow

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