Screen Recorder - Record Your iPhone Screen

Screen Recorder is a great new tool was released in Cydia , that allows you to record a video capture of your iPhone screen. It is simply called “ScreenRecorder”, and comes from developer Elton Bolzanac. There are some limitations, as video recording is a pretty intense process, but this is a great first version.

Here’s the official description, from Cydia:

This application let’s you take video captures of your screen. This is extremely useful for quick tutorials or demonstrations, or when you want to show proof of a new hack you have accomplished. There are obviously many other uses for this. For example, you could use this like a “Notes” application, but with video instead of words!
Keep in mind that video recording is a very intense process, so crashing is very frequent on videos that have a capture time of more than 45 seconds.
Must be installed with ffmpeg.
Application must be quit in between two captures. (There is a quit button in-app).
New in v1.2:
-No more need for Backgrounder
-Updated to work with ffmpeg from Cydia
-Now has option to delete videos from within application.

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