Google Play Store App v3.5.16 For Android Removed countries restriction in Google Play Store

Once installed, you’ll be able to download whatever you want from Google’s recently-renamed mobile app hub – providing, of course, that your device is compatible.

Solution 1:
1) Be sure, your phone is rooted properly
2) Download Root Explorer if you don't have it installed
3)Go to /system/app/ and delete the Vending.apk (Phonesky.apk for ICS 4.x.x) (leave the Vending.odex untouched!). Make sure you have an backup your old Vending.apk (Phonesky.apk for ICS 4.x.x) to your SDCard as well.
4) Install the downloaded Vending.apk (rename it to Phonesky.apk if you have ICS 4.x.x)
5) Reboot your phone
6) Start Play Store and grant the access. You'll be asked to do so
7) Enjoy!

Solution 2:
1.Download the apk from the links
2.put the apk on the phone ,don't use adb install *.apk in won't work it will say it already exists
3.Open the apk from the phone using a File explorer (e.g. ES File Explorer/Root explorer) will ask you if you want to replace the current market,press yes.
5.wait for install and voila you have the new market

Google Play Store v3.5.16

Google Play Store v3.5.16 MOD

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